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The Realms: A World Apart

Free Epic Fantasy in weekly installments

For ten years I ran a Dungeons & Dragons-style campaign with players from all over the world. Since it was a play-by-post campaign (text-based online role-playing), our entire game was recorded in writing. I am translating those archives into book format, editing them, and sharing them on this site. Every Tuesday (if possible), I will post new pages. By the time we get to the senses-shattering finale, you will have read the equivalent of a fantasy trilogy – for free! 

If you are a fan of tabletop RPGs, fantasy novels, intricate plots, and engaging characters – this is for you. Is it the next Game of Thrones? Hell no. It’s a transcript of an RPG, not high art from a master author. But it is fun, and I think it will make you feel like you are sitting at a table rolling dice along with us or it may even transport you to a fantastic world of swords and sorcery, intrigue and romance. Probably the former. Again – not GOT. However, like GOT, there will be sex and violence, so no one under 18 without parental permission, please. 



The Realms

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