Power Source

A brief introduction to the FORCE behind this site . . .

Jim Force

Father, husband, writer, artist, and fan of comics, tabletop role-playing games, board games, movies, art, rock music, fancy food, and fantasy basketball.

Thanks to my wife, Stacey, for supporting me while I spent years on my obsessions.

Specifically for The Realms project I’d like to thank everyone who played in my role-playing games through the years and thus contributed to the rich history of The Realms. Special thanks to the first group to play in The Realms Lauri, Jerry, Bob, Fred, and Wendy. They got the ball rolling over twenty years ago. A big thank you to the new players who may someday see their stories on this site – John, Joe, Will, and Paul. Very, very special thanks to the Dark and Moody Forums group, especially Toril and Jeff and a few others whose real names I didn’t use enough to memorize and whose aliases have likely changed several times by now. I especially want to thank the man who played from beginning to end and built that community, my good friend Tom. My final, most heartfelt thanks goes to the man who inspired this project more than anyone else, the hero of the story, Andrew. Rest in Peace, brother.

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